Coffee, innovation and elegance… a matter of restyling

Anzola Emilia, Bologna

In which urban area is the pastry and coffee shop located? What are its customers ? What are the reasons for restyling ? Does the owner like a particular style? Does the owner want to change its customers or increase the current ones? These and many other questions were asked to the Central Bar’s manager in Anzola Emilia, who decided to renew his long-standing coffee shop in style and internal space arrangement.

Preliminary investigation for the creation of customized interior furnishings considers both operative and logistic aspects related to the production and supply of food and beverages. Also the behavior of its customers and their emotional feedback are very much evaluated, since they are significantly important in the case of a pastry bar. As stated by the owner, just a few customers take only a coffee or pastry, most of them look for a special and social atmosphere.

The bartender plays a directing role as he interacts with the customers and facilitates the jovial socialization moment. Knowing all the customers’ habits about consumption, socialization, evolutions and new trends is a key strategy to reinvent ‘architectural areas’ that promote socialization and satisfy customers looking for an emotional experience.

After evaluating all these elements, our designer worked on several ideas that could give inspiration and be a starting point to create the design of the whole space. His intention was to turn the area into a new and inviting place going the extra mile with innovation and elegance. The modern glass windows recall the looks from the outside. The interior space looks minimal and cozy through spotlights and LED lights sheding several light spots on the top and on the long base of the counter. Even the light shed on the ceiling creates a special ‘motion’ effect.

The tubular structure in metallic copper color used for the wall wine rack is light and modern. Old style bulbs are attached to the metallic structure and come down to different heights. The tubular is also used to customize the 70s redesigned bar stools and used also in the front counter creating color and material contrasts. The wall cladding is a resin waterproof wallpaper imaging old worn tiles: the effect is extremely realistic.

A two-shelf wall panel in wood covered with dark brown laminate was designed to display pastry products. The top of the bench is made of Krion material, which is anti-scratch and anti-fingerprint. Everything is strictly tailor-made, in every detail: from the back counter with customized compartments and cold storage, to the wooden letters making the name of the coffee shop on the wall up. A brand new identity resulting from research and experiments matching perfect functionality and aesthetics.

Technical description

Renowned pastry shop of about 100 square meters
Central area, Anzola Emilia, Bologna
Renovation with masonry and false ceilings
rebuilding of floors, doors and windows
rebuilding of electrical and air conditioning systems
Work duration: 50 days (masonry removal and existing furniture, construction and delivery of new turnkey premises)

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