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Today all mass media focus on food as it is a very trendy conceptual phenomenon. The marketing and merchandising codes issue guide-lines that highly influence the stores as well. the products to be sold are placed in this interesting contest and enhanced through locations of great charm and atmosphere. The customer does not simply shop, but he decides to buy something because he lived a fantastic experience in that specific store!

Our work as interior designers is to decode these feelings and filter the trends. From furniture made of natural materials, to lacquered and very sophisticated one, the result should combine the owner’s taste together with the workables space!

Novi Arredo has been a leader in this sector, furnishing bars, ice-cream parlors, shops, offices and clubs for over thirty years. Its success is due to a technical and artisan tradition that follows very high quality standards in all the steps of design, production and assembly. Choosing Novi Arredo allows our customers to interact directly with a single contact point of great experience which can manage all the work. In this way high impact parlors and shops are created by our skilled team, offering the best quality-price ratio.


We design tailor-made furnishings and coverings for shops and local spaces. All of our creations are manufactured according to the specific and unique request of our customer: sizes, shapes, materials and colors. Nothing is standardized and unoriginal. We make on-site inspections and offer technical consulting in order to supply the best solutions for your shop, such as multi-functional furniture enhancing your merchandising, enticing, fireproof and antibacterial.


Our team of carpenters is greatly experienced in this niche of the wide furnishing sector. We manufacture specific furniture which is very functional to food processing, preservation, distribution and presentation, as well as equipment for non edible products. Our professionals’ skill and dexterity are essential and precious to manufacture tailored furniture.


Assembly is the last step of our work, but it is fundamental! The furnishing of your café, ice cream parlor or jewelry store can not be carried out by third companies. Our assemblers know our products very well because they have helped produce them therefore they can assemble them perfectly!

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